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The effortless pampering membership offers Eyelash Extensions and Facial & Peels on a scheduled payment plan to help you save money on your beauty services while maintaining consistent and upkept appearances Effortlessly.

Eyelash Extension Fill Appointments are made every 2 or 3 weeks and Facial & Peel appointments every 4 or 6 weeks. This is the optimal upkeep schedule for the average Effortless Beauty queen. The membership can be paused or cancelled after 2 payments which are prepaid in store on your first appointment. Similar to a gym membership you pre pay for your following service and book your appointment in advance to guarantee the time you want. If you need to reschedule no problem we will give you a total of 17 or 24 days to redeem your prepaid service and you will receive priority scheduling. Not only that! you will receive exclusive emails and incentives on products and services.

We look forward to having you join us for an effortlessly beautiful lifestyle.


Commonly Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my Facial?

Please arrive ready to relax and leave your stress outside our door. You will be experiencing a full rejuvenation. We do not suggest wearing makeup for the following 12 hours as we want your skin to continue to absorb all the nutrients overnight, however makeup wont harm the facial. We recommend a Bespoke Facial & Peel 3 days prior to special events, there is no downtime involved, however best results are achieved on the third day. Ask your Aesthetician about our at home products and automatic scheduling and reminders for the best skin health regime.

Is there downtime after a facial?

There is no downtime! Best results from our Bespoke Facial & Peel are on the third day, as our peels take care of  topical and underlying issues your skin may have, you will notice activity in the following two days. It is important to let your skin runs its course, not pick at your face and keep your face extra moisturized until the third day where you will be glowing with a fresh new look.

I have skin concerns (ie: sensitivity), is a facial and peel right for me? 

You may experience some pink or redness if your skin is easily irritated however this is very dependent on your skin conditions, and if this is the case we will continue to treat your skin to respond differently to its effecting factors and reduce redness and sensitivities in your everyday life. If this is you, please ask us about our at home care as well! 

Can I wear makeup right after my appointment? 

We don’t suggest it but it wont ruin the facial. Beautiful skin doesn’t come from makeup.

Will a facial make me more sensitive to the sun? 

Yes, with the peel or exfoliation, we will be increasing your cell renewal factor and new fresh skin will be exposed. Regardless, it is important to wear sunscreen everyday and if you are in the sun all day reapply sunscreen every two hours.

What kind of products do you use? 

We have a variety of products, Hydropeptide is our main line as we have changed our clients skin conditions and lifestyles with this product line. We also incorporate Oxygen, Dr. Schrammek, Phyts and other of our favourite products into the selection. We are a company that specializes in customization and are always taking new courses and learning about new products that will benefit our clients on an individual level and create ease in your unique lifestyle.

Are your products environmentally friendly? Are they cruelty free or vegan? 

Our skin care products are vegan, gluten, cruelty, phthalate and paraben free.
Our Facial Treatments have 4 main components

1. A consultation
In which your aesthetician will examine your skin and talk to you about your specific concerns and how we can help you achieve a new confident glowing look for you!

2. A peel
Your aesthetician will select the best peel for your skin type and conditions. Our peels have no down time, are effective and range from 15% - 30% in strength.

3. Treatments
These may include a series of masks, serums, steam, electro therapy, light therapy and extractions that your aesthetician will combine for best results.

4. Aftercare
To get the best results we offer you award winning products that are made to defy aging and keep you young and glowing. Every facial includes samples.