Effortless Beauté Eyelash Extensions

"Life might not be Perfect, but my Lashes are."

Eyelash extensions are the semi permanent solution to lackluster lashes. Synthetic lashes are attached to your natural individual eyelashes to give you the length, volume and curl you want without the hassle of lash curlers and smudgey mascara.

Whether you're into a natural looking enhancement, a bit of glam, or full volume drama - we've got a lash look for you. 

Our Bespoke Lashes are custom designed for you. Your treatment starts with a consultation to ensure you are getting what you want from your lashes. Bring in your favorite falsies or a picture of lashes you’ve seen somewhere and let us work our magic to recreate them to fit your style & features. You can also put your trust in our talented artists and let them surprise you with a beautiful custom set that you’ll fall in love with. 

3 Bespoke Lash Types to choose from

Mega Volume 

Full & Natural. We use a super thin synthetic lash to create a stylish bespoke look customized to your features.

* longest lasting retention

2-10 super thing & light weight lashes. 

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Natural & Flirty, ask for our signature look; the Effortless Pearl.

* warning people will stare at you in awe

Dimensional with a combination of classic and volume.

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One synthetic lash attached to one natural lash.

*available in extra thin & long.

Great for beginners & simple mascara look.

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 Perfect for everyday wear, vacations and special events.