2021 Skin Care Trends

2021 Skin Care Trends

Everything around us is changing so rapidly! Effortless Beauty has really had a light shined on us with natural beauty on the rise. Makeup is rarely worn on a day to day basis. Beautiful skin is Being valued more and more everyday.  

Some challenges we are all facing 

- Maskne 

- Under eye discolouration

- Searching for more self love 

Simple solutions to these is to implement a healthy skin care routine. Keeping a positive flora of bacteria on our skin is important. Washing our masks or using disposable masks can help but with our skin being exposed to different environments we really need to bring new products to our routines.

Must have skin care products 

-Plumping & hydrating lip mask 

-Polish and peel at home kit 

-Somnifera root mist for blue led light and pollution protection.

- Nimini day & Night Creams which gives similar results to botox.

Lastly but most importantly, the eyes are now the focal point as most of our faces are covered ! There is a huge demand for lash growth serums and undereye treatments ! 

- Collagen Eye Pads

- Vital eyes

- Eye authority or for our sensitive crowd the Uplift Eye

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