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Who is this service for?

Anyone looking to remove toxins from their underarm area. This service is attractive to anyone with excessive sweating, odour, toxins and those switching to natural deodorant.

What kind of results should I expect?

Changes in discolouration, odour, sweating and toxin removal. Depending on the person and desired results, you may be recommended a 6- week session treatment, monthly or periodically.

How long can I expect results for?

Results vary from person to person, as everyone is unique. However, those who are simply looking for a detox of the auxilia can expect no odour for about a week period, those who are suffering from excessive sweating or odour or discolouration would be offered a 6 week program to track progress and see long term results. That being said all results vary and are unique to the person.

Male spa attendance is already on the rise and to celebrate we're launching a spa experience designed to help men create wellness and self care. You embrace men's fashion and style and dress yourself well. You never miss an appointment at the barber to keep the hair and beard in check. Now you can focus on what's underneath all of that. Welcome to The Onyx. An environment designed to make you comfortable, relaxed and take care of your body and mind.

Our Services are tailored to your individual needs. You'll receive services specifically curated for your unique concerns, conditions and desires. Our Aestheticians are always happy to chat and guide you through the process, but more importantly we listen.
We're the experts on the products, but you're the expert on you.

The Onyx - Men's Luxury Spa Services


We use only the best European skincare brands in our skin treatments. With many options for nourishing masks, refreshing peels, healing treatments, and hydration styles, you'll get a skin treatment that covers all of your bases. Every appointment includes a consultation period in which your Aesthetician will listen to your concerns to choose a unique Bespoke Facial for you. Have questions about your at home skincare? Bring your products with you and talk to your Aesthetician about them. Don't forget to ask about the high quality European skincare brands we offer for home care. 

Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions about the processes before you come in. 

Save some time on your first appointment by filling out your Client Intake Form in advance.   

The Onyx - Men's Luxury Spa Services
Currently offering Bespoke Facials and waxing for men, and working to launch new services designed to keep you fresh from top to toe. We'll create an experience as tailored as your favorite suit and as luxurious as the life you've created for yourself.


60 MINUTES $120 

A one hour facial treatment that is custom tailored to your skin’s unique needs. Our facials leave skin immediately fresh and resurfaced with no down time, and target specific concerns with science based skin care products from top range European cosmetic brands.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Each facial has 3 main components: a consultation in which your Aesthetician will examine your skin and talk to you about specific concerns; a mild but effective peel - your Aesthetician will select the best peel for your skin type; and finally treatments - these may include a series of masks, steam, electro therapy, light therapy and extractions that your Aesthetician will combine for best results.

Don’t be shy, tell us your concerns, voice your opinions and ask as many questions as you like. We’re here to give you the best care possible, and education is important for your comfort. 

Feel free to bring in your current skincare products, or photos of your products to discuss with your Aesthetician.

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 30 MINUTES $90 

We recommend coming in for a Bespoke Facial & Peel every 4 weeks, but sometimes you need a little pick me up in between regular appointments. Maybe the weather is affecting your skin, or you’ve been slacking on sleep or you just want the confidence boost of a fresh glow.

Our Express Bespoke Facial is a time sensitive treatment tailored to your needs at the moment of the appointment. Come in, tell us what you’re looking for - whether its a light exfoliation, some help with a breakout or pesky pores, or dryness your moisturizer just can’t tackle - and we will create a 30 minute facial to help you bounce back. 

Add on our incredible collagen under eye patches to any facial to plump tired eyes and  banish dark circles - $15

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30 MINUTES $50 


30 MINUTES $50 


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The Onyx - Men's Luxury Spa Services