The perfect shower !

Posted by Amber Phillips on

A shower is a time for sensations and relaxation.

Leave the stress behind and come alive with this at home adventure! 

Step 1: Grab your Bluetooth speaker and put on your favourite motivational, empowering playlist 

Step 2: Start your shower with a nice lather of the Effortless Eucalyptus shower gel. *Coming Soon

Step 3: Take deep breaths and feel every cell in your body relax as the eucalyptus calms and destresses from your body to your lungs to your whole self inside and out. 

Step 4: Dance and sing along to your music.

Step 5: Dry Off and apply Effortless eucalyptus lotion.*Coming Soon

Step 6: Put on a sexy outfit it could be a robe or lingerie anything that makes you feel like a confidence piece of art. 

Step 7: Get your skin care routine on and dance around the bathroom like no one is watching !

Step 8: Love yourself and appreciate yourself for everything you have done and everything you will do ! 


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